Who's good at transcribing a few measures for 3pi?

I’m modifying my 3pi so it can participate in the October firefighting mini-competition organized by our robot club - see the mini-comp post in the forum at Robomo for more info. When it starts running I’d like it to play the opening notes from Chariots of Fire by Vangelis as seen at tabnabber, does anyone understand music enough to turn a few measures of sheet music into a string that the 3pi can play?

Or maybe there’s a web page where you paste in some sheet music and it gives you back the c string to play? (Just kidding!)

Thanks for any help …

If you’re interested enough to do a little leg-work there are buzzer control functions in the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library, as well as some discussions on playing music with the Orangutan X2 buzzer here (easily portable to the 3pi), including how to automatically decompile midi files into buzzer-playable note arrays in this post.

Considerations for storing large not arrays in flash memory rather than in RAM come up in this thread.

Good luck with the competition!


Thanks, the 3pi demo already has some sample code in it showing the easy to use interface, so I’m looking for someone who could take notes from sheet music and transcribe them and any rests etc into the character string that I need to send to the play_from_program_space() function.

I came up with this after reading up on how to read tabs: c#Rf#g#Ra#g#RfRc#Rf#g#a#g#RRc#Rf#g#Ra#g#Rfff#fc# - I’ll program it in my 3pi and see how it sounds.

Update: I’ll have to re-read the tabs to make sure I understand what I’m looking at, it sounded like the rests were too long between some of the notes.