White and Black line follower

I use 3pi robot and I have a problem.
I need to program the robot to follow the black and white lines on a black and white background. Please tell me what function can be used if it can be an example of an algorithm or to solve this problem.

I use avr_development_bundle_110624


There are many example on this forum about line following, so you might want to search it for some ideas to get started. For basic information about getting started with line following for the 3pi, see this forum post. Additional information about following a white line on a black surface can be seen here.


Thank you! But I know about searching the forum and I looked through all the posts about the following of the lines.
I’m sorry but I’m beginner in programming 3pi robots, and would like to learn more about the methods to solve this problem if possible…

It is hard for me to help you without some specific questions. What problems are you having? If you try writing some code and it does not work, could you post the code you are having problems with, so I can try to help you with those specific problems?"


Thanks for the help, I’m here for two days thinking how to implement this process and found solutions, I’m sorry to disturb you.

Thanks for letting us know you figured it out.