Which simple motor controller to use with Wiper Motor?

I want to make sure I get the correct motor controller to use with my 12VDC Wiper Motor. Will be using PICAXE microcontroller.
12 VDC has high and low speeds
High Speed @ 12V: 53 r.p.m.
Low Speed @ 12V: 38 r.p.m.
High Speed @ 5V: 21 r.p.m.
Low Speed @ 5V: 15 r.p.m.
Working Torque - 3.98 foot pounds (5.4 N m)
Static Torque - 13.27 foot pounds (18 N m)
Full Load: 2000mA @ 12VDC, 1080mA @ 5VDC
No Load: 1020mA @ 12VDC, 780mA @ 5VDC

Thank you in advance,

Hello, Al.

We recommend using a motor driver/controller that has a continuous current rating that is above the stall current for the motor. If you can’t find the stall current specified, you can find it out by applying a small voltage while holding the output shaft steady and measuring the current. The stall current is linearly related to the voltage. There is a comparison table of all of the Simple Motor Controllers at the top of the Simple Motor Controller category web page.