Which motor is the one identified by 16301A?


I’m building a small robot and will use two motors available on my lab.
I don’t know which model they are, so I can’t design my batteries without voltage information.

The only information that I found on motors is a code “16301A” write in red.
I can’t attach a photo, but the motor is identical to this one: https://www.pololu.com/picture/0J427.80.jpg

The smallest found on the website.



The motor in the picture you linked to is one of our micro metal gearmotors, but that is a common form factor, so unless you know the motor was from us, it is possible that it only looks the same as our motors.

For our micro metal gearmotors, red codes indicate that the motor is an HP motor. To determine what gear ration it is, you could measure the free-run speed. You can see how to measure the approximate free-run speed for the motor in this forum thread. Once you have measured the free-run speed, you can compare the speed to the motors on our micro metal gearmotor page.


Thanks for the information, it helped a lot.
At least now I know what voltage I should apply.