Which motor controller/driver for car seat motor?

I bought four car seat motors from American Science & Surplus at sciplus.com/p/12-VDC-2500-RP … OTOR_49249
The motor draws 1.3A no load and stalls at 9.5A. I’m using them with a 6V 4.5AH SLA battery. Which motor controller/driver should I buy?


Are you looking for any particular control interface? Our Simple Motor Controller 18v15 would work well with that motor if you can run it at a higher voltage (the minimum operating voltage for the SMC is 5.5 V, so a 6 V battery doesn’t give you much of a safety margin). Did you notice that those are 12 V motors?

- Ben

The motor runs well at 6V. Will this work: pololu.com/catalog/product/707 ?

Similarly, that driver only works down to 5.5 V, which means noise on the supply line could be a problem when the supply is 6V, and it could stop working before your battery is fully drained. Can you use a 7.2 V battery?

Also, if you are going to use a VNHx driver, you should consider the newer VNH5019 (either single or dual carrier), or at least get the VNH2SP30 version, which allows for ultrasonic PWM and offers current-sense feedback.

Our MC33926 motor driver carriers are a bit under-powered for those motors, but they might be okay at 6 V (since the stall current will be under 5 A at 6 V) if the load on your motors isn’t too high, and those drivers operate down to 5 V.

- Ben

I ordered two VNH3SP30 Motor Drivers. How do I connect them to Arduino board? I have Arduino Uno and Arduino Mega boards. Is there sample code?

We do not have sample code or specific instructions for using those drivers with an Arduino. Did you consider our Arduino motor driver shields? You might try using those as a reference for how to connect your VNH3SP30 drivers.

- Ben