Which hardware for my project?

hi everyone,
can you help me choosing the right hardware components for my project?

i need to control two dc gear motors, one with approx. 2A power, the other one with 5A peak, around 2-3A continuously.
additional i need to control a magnetic valve, it has 12V 6W.

which controllerboard is the best for my purpose? is there one with enough power on a switch-connector, or do i need an additional relay?

thanks for your help!


You can compare all of our motor drivers an motor controllers on our website. We generally recommend that you get drivers that have a continuous current rating equal to or greater than the max (stall for motors) current of the load you are driving. For the magnetic valve, if it is like a relay, you probably can just use a properly sized discrete transistor.

If your motors can be driven at the same voltage as the magnetic valve, our TReX motor controller might be ideal. It has two motor channels and an aux channel that might work for with the valve.

- Ryan