What are hardware issues behind Vl6180x didnot light up or blink?

hi …how are you …what cause the sensor(Vl6180X) when it gets the power (3.24 volt if I connect it to 3.3v output pin and 5.4 volt if I connect it to vu output pin ) and in both cases it didnot respond and the led light in it didnot blink or lights up…what are the main reasons behind that …the auther of the project code his design uses espminid1 and he told me I can use the main code on esp8266 nodemcu v3 as that is the one I bought as I found it only in the store (my design uses nodemcu v3 ) …so what are the hardware differences or issues that cause that ?


It is not clear if the project you are working on here is the same as the one you discussed in your other recent thread, but as with that project, we cannot offer support for this since it seems like you are not using any of our products or software. (Our VL6180X carriers do not look like the ones in your diagrams, and they do not have any LEDs.)

- Patrick

hello patrick …how are you…no I donnot mean special product …look to both designs they are different one …but what I ask about the concept the reason behind the sensor not responds no matter what type…one colleage told me the it is because xshutdown pin …all I need is suggestions ?

Both of the setups you posted seem to have a lot going on, which will make it harder to troubleshoot. Since you are having problems with it, my suggestion is to try simplifying your setup down to the minimum components you need to test the sensor (e.g. probably just the microcontroller and sensor), and then start with testing any example programs the manufacturer of your sensor board might provide with minimal modification. If you do that and continue having trouble with your sensors, then you should probably try to contact the manufacturer of the board.

- Patrick