Ways to Control Maestro 12

hi to all,

ive been playing RC for quite sometime now. .i have i got interested to try to control my RCs from the PC. .i saw a guy using a servo controller to play with his RC truck. .so i research about maestro and i found it interesting so i ordered one and wanting to learn more about it. .im noob when i comes to programming but im a mechanical junkie. .

i read that you can control the maestro 12 via pc using maestro control center so i would like to ask from you guys if its possible to use a joystick to be interfaced with the maestro control center or is there any other software i can use to i can control the maestro 12 using a joystick via the pc. .

hoping anyone could help me out. .btw i saw some guy used ps2 but kinda confused if it was interfaced directly to maestro 12 or it was interfaced via pc. .

thanks for reading



The Maestro control center will not let you use a joystick or other external device to interface with the servo controller. The other project you saw probably involved a custom computer program to process the PS2 controller input and send the proper serial commands to the Maestro, or he could have written a Maestro script to read the PS2 controller input directly and respond accordingly.

I’m not sure if there is any prewritten software out there that can do what you want, but I wouldn’t be surprised. The Maestros support the mini SSC protocol, which is used by a number of different servo controllers from different manufacturers, so you might be able to find a joystick-controllable mini SSC interface program.

- Ben

If you are not too concerned about performance, another option might be to use the Joystick functions built into AutoHotkey. We have an application note about using AutoHotkey with our USB products (nothing specific about Joysticks but with some AutoHotkey scripting it should be possible).

- Ryan