Wall powered setup

Hey everyone,

I am looking to power a meastro 6 from a wall outlet.

How can I use these connectors to make this happen?

I want to power 4 servos, an led and an mp3 controller board, is this possible?



Most standard servos have an operating voltage range of 4.8V to 6V, so if you are trying to power standard servos, the 12VDC, 5A Wall Adapter would not be an appropriate power supply to use. You might consider using the 5VDC, 5A Wall Adapter. If you do decide to use the 5V power adapter, I recommend that you power the Maestro board separately from the servo power, since 5V is at the low end of the operating voltage of the Maestro and you could risk a brown-out situation if the voltage drops below 5V. Also, you should check what voltages works for your mp3 controller board. (If needed, you might use one of our voltage regulators to convert the voltage supplied the mp3 controller.)

The proper power connections within your setup will depend on the power supplies you decide to use. If you let me know what you plan to use, I might be able to offer some suggestions on how to connect them to the Maestro and other components of your system.

- Amanda