Voltage issue with Pololu GYR01A

I am having some trouble with the Pololu GYR01A. It has taken me a while to isolate the problem this far. When my board is connected to USB, the voltage seems to stick whenever I touch the metal base of the bread board. This doesn’t happen when not connected to USB. To unstick the gyro, I have to touch the pins with my finger, the voltage goes wild for a second and sometimes starts to work after that.

The final project will be battery powered, but I’m worried that it will stay stuck one of these times. Any idea what is going on?


John Sematore (New House 5 Roomate) says “hi”. We work together.

Hello Justin,

I assume you mean powered by USB when say ‘connected to usb’. What do you mean by voltage seems to stick? Do you have anything connected to the PD pin? If you leave that pin floating, it’s possible the board can turn off if that pin floats high.

- Ryan


Actually, no. I am not powering the circuit with the USB, just using it for passing debug info via serial. I do not have anything connect to the Power Down pin if that is what you are referring to by PD. Should I ground that pin?




That did the trick!

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