Voltage and current setting on 16-servo controller

Hi everyone,
I’m using the 16-servo controller to control 6 servos at the same time, according to the manual the power setting should be at 5V and around 40mA.
My power setting on the power spply is a constant 5V maintained with a upper current limit of 0.6A, but when i actuate my servos I frequently find that the upper current limit is reached. Is it normal for this setting to draw such a large current?
So what I did to try fix this is I increased the upper current limit to 2A, and start the servo again. and one of my servos (the HD-1810MG) started to melt (yes… melt).
Can some one please let me know what i did wrong? and maybe tell me what i should change in my power setting?

Best regards

John L

Hi, John,

Something like a 40 mA limit is going to apply to just the logic supply of the servo controller; motors, including servos are generally going to use much more. Most customers probably don’t use any current limiting when using these, and if your servo is melting (what melted?), I’d be concerned with what the power supply is doing. Powering motors is generally not that easy, and especially if i you’re trying to limit the current, there might be all kinds of voltage fluctuations that could damage the servo.

Typically, the servos get powered separately from the logic, and if you have multiple servos, you will need to supply enough current for all of them (something like an amp per servo). That means the power supply should be able to handle over 6A. That can all be available to one servo if the others are idle, so it’s difficult to protect individual servos. If you gave it all the power it wanted and it destroyed itself, perhaps you need to get a stronger servo or lighten the load on the existing one.

- Jan