VNH5019 Dual Motor Driver


I have a new motor driver connected to a PIC microcontroller, one side operates fine, M2 can drive the motor successfully

I have another motor (identical) on the M1 output, this does not appear to work.

When I switch all the hardware (controlling M2 for M1) M2 still is driven fine, M1 still fails.

The diagnostics lights turn on when I drive the inputs, I just get no output voltage from M1A/B pins

Do I have to do anything to make the shield work in dual mode, any advice on what I can check?


I have fixed the issue, after checking all wiring, i re soldered pin connections to the motor and it works!

Please close the thread if you like, as I cant see the fix helping anyone else


I’m glad you got it working and thank you for letting us know!

- Ryan