VNH3SP30 Questions

I have been given an old electric wheel chair with 24v 4.0Amp DC brush motors and I am thinking about using the VNH3SP30 with them, but I do have an electronics background but am not understanding what the load amperage might be for said motors.

The load will be about ~200lbs and I have not had the time to really test it yet.

Is there a good guess for about what it would be and I do know about flyback/diode protection of the VNH3SP30 and so on… Just not really sure without the spec sheet of the motors.

Gavin :wink:


We don’t recommend using the VNH3SP30 past 16V. The only drivers we recommend at 24V are ourdiscrete MOSFET driver and the MC33887. Please note that both of these use 30V MOSFETs, so you have to keep the maximum voltage (including spikes) under that.

As for what your motors draw, can’t you measure it? I suspect the MC33887 will not be able to deliver the necessary current; you might also be able to lower to votlage to 12V and use the VNH3SP30 (or the better VNH2SP30).

- Jan

High-Power Motor Driver 18v15 looks to be right… I was trying to find something that was dual driver to keep the cost down. As for the current I dont have a VOM that is rated very high… I will try get one from a friend… On another note do you have and dual drivers that will support 24v motors? I would be adding heat sinks and a fan to keep them cool. As for the 30 volt limit, some regular spike suppression, eg… diodes, flyback, or (I have never tried) transorb, could do the trick.


We offer a dual MC33887 carrier, which can operate at 24 V, but as Jan said, your motors will probably require more current than the MC33887 can deliver.

- Ben