VNH3SP30 and Basic Stamp

Can the VNH3SP30 be used with the Basic Stamp II as easily as the mini serial board? There is code online for the latter of course, but I can’t find anything about the VNH3SP30.

I’m building a 'bot using a motorized R/C tank as the base. It is equipped with two DC motors powered by a 9.6 volt battery. I think the mini board can handle the voltage but I don’t know how to interface the VNH3SP30 to a Stamp.




The VNH3SP30 board is just an H-bridge, so you have to generate PWM, which can be time-consuming for a small microcontroller. As far as I know, you can’t get two simultaneous PWM signals out of a BASIC Stamp, but it might be possible with one of the newer ones. Also, you might look at Parallax’s PWMPAL product, though I don’t know exactly what it does.

- Jan