VNH3 Overheat problem

Hi all,

I am using a Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver connected with an Orangutan X2 Robot Controller in a diff drive robot. I found that one side of the motor driver overheat at a low operating current and within two minutes of operation. This stops the motor for about 1s and then start driving again until it overheats. The controller is powered from a lab power supply and the complete system (robot controller + motor drivers) draws 12V@1.2A. The power supply is current limited to 2.5A. The motor drivers (both sides) are working on 10% duty cycle.
Is this due to a faulty motor driver board?



The problem you’re describing could be the result of using a PWM frequency greater than 10 kHz. Did you change the X2’s PWM frequency to 19.5 kHz?

- Ben