VNH2SP30 alternate connector footprint


I got VNH2SP30 motor driver board. There is a 20 pins connector footprint on the PCB that seems to be an alternate to the 15 control pins.
This one is not documented on the device description page.
I would like to know which connector reference fits into this footprint and what is its exact pinout.
Does anyone can help on this?



It should be possible to just look at the PCB and see the traces leaving the pins and going to the labeled pins. If there is one you are not sure about, you can do a continuity test with a multimeter to verify it.

- Ryan

That connector is designed to mate with the Orangutan X2, so you can look at the Orangutan X2 schematic for information: (look at the lower right corner of page 1)

But you should try to verify everything by looking at traces and doing continuity tests as Ryan said.