VHN5019 reverse battery Mosfet

I’ve been pleased with these motor drivers for years now, but would like to try building a custom board with one. I’m wondering what specific part is used for Q1 - the reversebattery protection mosfet? I’ll be driving one motor with an 18 volt supply, at about 5 amps.


Any MOSFET with at least a 30V Vds and a few mohms of Rdson should be fine. One example is IRLR8743.


I see on your schematic of your VNH2SP30 carrier board you use the IRFR3707Z. Would that work? Here’s the link to it.
You use this mosfet. http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/infineon-technologies/IRFR3707ZTRPBF/IRFR3707ZTRPBFTR-ND/811383

Oh. I found the one you mentioned at DigiKey.