Very lost with Maestro starting sequences

Hello All,
I’m new to this but trying to learn. I’ve read much of the Maestro guide and went through every post I can find and I’m still having no luck. I found some helpful infor from Brandon and Patrick…but no luck so far.

From BrandonM in post #2, post:2, topic:13603"]
Probably the simplest way to start your script with a button press is to add a WHILE loop to the beginning that exits when the button is pressed. You can find some code for doing this in my post here. Please note that the code there is for a button on channel 5; you can change the 5 to a 0 to make it work for your button on channel 0.

If you put the WHILE loop before your BEGIN/REPEAT loop, the sequence will repeat forever once the button is pressed. If you want the sequence to wait for the button every cycle, you can put the WHILE loop inside of your current BEGIN/REPEAT loop.


Can I ask what you mean when you say “inside” of the BEGIN/REPEAT loop?
I’m still having no luck getting the script to start.
My objective - when I toggle the switch on (pulling input pin 8 low), I’d like the sequence to play once, then wait until the switch is toggled off (pin 8 high), then on again before it plays the sequence once more. this is my current script

Sequence 0

begin 8 get_position 200 less_than while #switch low to start sequence
3000 3986 3986 3986 3986 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 frame_0…7_9…11 # Frame 0
3000 8000 frame_0 # Frame 1
3000 3986 frame_0 # Frame 2
begin 8 get_position 200 greater_than while #switch high before restart switch low possible

I know something is wrong but I can’t figure it out. I’m not able to get the sequence to play at all
Any help would be very much appreciated
Thank you

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