Vb.net code


I need a sample code in vb.net to run the 24 servo controler
source code for the “maestro control” will be great to begin with


Hello. The Pololu USB SDK has what you are looking for.


This sample (MaestroEasyExampleVb) in the SDK doesn’t look like servo controler
how do you conect to the board? (i have few boards of 24)
where do you tell the servo to move?

am i looking on the wrong place?


MaestroEasyExampleVb shows you how to control a single servo on a Maestro that is a connected to a computer by USB. It automatically connects to the first Maestro it finds. If you have multiple Maestros connected to the computer via USB, you will need to change the code to select a particular Maestro by its serial number. There are comments about how to do that in the function connectToDevice().

The TrySetTarget subroutine tells the servo to move.

You should look in the file MainWindow.vb.