Using VNH3SP30/VNH2SP30 motor driver with PIC

I am building a 4WD rover and will be using the Tamiya 72102 Gear Head Motor & 130-mm Pin Spike Tire Set - 4 motors and 4 wheels, of course :slight_smile:

My rover also has a robotic arm attached to it, for which I use 5 servos and am using the Pololu micro serial servo controller with a PIC16F877.

I want the same PIC to also signal the motor controller using similar method as the micro serial servo controller. ( i want to be able to control motor speed and direction).

My questions are:

  1. What kind of motor controller do you suggest?

  2. How does the VNH3SP30/VNH2SP30 motor driver work with a microcontroller (without having to put the microcontroller into any dedicated loop just for the motor controller.)

Thanks. :slight_smile:


The PIC16F877 has only two hardware PWM outputs, so if you want to control all four motors with independent speeds, you’ll need to do it in code or switch processors (if you want to control your own H-bridge). Doing it in software using a timer interrupt might not be so bad if you don’t need high frequency and good resolution at low or high duty cycles.

Another option is to go for some RC speed controls and talk to them as if they were servos (you can plug them into the servo controller), but that could get expensive for four motors.

At some point, we’ll make a higher-power dual serial motor controller, but that’s at least several months away.

- Jan