Using UART on USB 16-servo controller

We wanted to use the USB servo controller with the non-USB interface. We connected 5V to ‘+’, 0V to ‘-’, (and nothing else) but got no LED activity. We also tried 0V to ‘I’ (in addition) but with same results.

When connecting the servo controller to the PC via USB, the LEDs flash as specified.

Should the device give LED feedback when using the non-USB interface? Does anybody know what the correct procedure for using this interface is ?

Johan Braanen


You said your only connections are the + and - pins, but I assume you have your serial input connected, right? You also need to do something with the reset line. It needs to be high for the servo controller to run and low for reset; if you don’t want to control the pin from your microcontroller, just tie the reset line high.

- Jan

Thank you very much.

Putting reset to high helped.

Johan Braanen