Using Two Pololu 16 Channel Servo Controllers

The manual for the Pololu 16 Channel Servo controller states that I can renumber the servo channels to be 0-15, 16-31, 32-47, etc…

I have two 16 channel USB pololu servo controllers and would like to access servos 0-31, so on on board I would access 0-15 and the other 16-31…

However, how do I do this? I could plug both boards into two separate USB ports on my PC and open two serial connections (one to each board) and then access them…but this means that I wouldn’t have to change the servo numbers, as 0-15 on ComX and 0-15 on ComY would access different board…

Am I missing something?

How do I connect these two board up so that I can access 0-31 via one Com Port connect (remember I’m using USB board), these are the ones I have…

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According to the “Non-USB Interface” section of the user’s guide, you can do this by connecting one board to your computer through USB and connecting the serial output pin of this board to the second board’s serial input pin. The ground pins of each board should be connected together to create a common ground. To supply power to the second board, you can also connect the logic supply pins from each board together. You can find more information on this in the USB 16-Servo Controller user’s guide, which can be found under the “Resources” tab of its product page.

By the way, we have not sold these boards for over 3 years. Do you mind sharing where you got them? You might consider upgrading to our newer Maestro servo controllers, which are better in almost every way.


Thank you for your reply, I shall attempt this :slight_smile:

I bought these boards from your own website…6 years ago!! :slight_smile: I’ve been using them in other projects, but now have the need to connect two together…I have 4 of them and they are great!

Thanks for the help,


This doesn’t seem to work!

I have the following setup:

  • and - on board 1 and 2 connected together, and O from Board 1 to I on board 2.

But Board 2 doesn’t power, or work or respond… :frowning: I’ve configured board 1 to be Servos 0-15 and Board 2 to be servos 16-31 and that works fine independently.


Can you post some pictures of your setup, including all of your connections? Also, can you use a multimeter to measure the voltage on the logic supply pins of the first board while it is powered through USB?

By the way, I am glad you have been happy with these boards for so long.