Using the micro maestro

When I purchased the micro maestro it was with the understanding that it would be very simple to operate.The description stated it could be used without knowing programming languages. I do not know any programming languages; so my decision to purchase it was based on this understanding. I have read throught the users manual several times and have discovered that it does indeed require learning a programming ( or scripting) language. I have been unable to use the maestro due to this.Has anyone else encountered this problem. I’m feeling that Pololu misrepresented the claims that the controller was easy to use. Has anyone contacted Pololu with this issue and if so how did pololu respond?


First off, the Maestros can be used without knowing programming languages, and second, I think we present a very complete and accurate representation of the products. What is it that you hoped to do with the Maestro that you cannot? Can you specifically point to something misleading in the product description?

- Jan