Using subroutines from Mini Maestro in Arduino

I’m making a hexapod with a minimaestro 18 and an arduino. I’m trying to write all the walking/turning subroutines in the maestro and then call them up in the arduino when sensors are triggered. What I’m having trouble finding is the actual arduino command to call a sub routine from the maestro. I am not sure if it’s in example code somewhere and I just didn’t understand what I was reading or if it’s not possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


It sounds like you are using the Maestro’s TTL serial commands to control it from an Arduino using the Maestro’s Arduino library. The library function you are looking for is restartScript(uint8_t subroutineNumber). To help get you started, see the “Script” Arduino example sketch of the PololuMaestro library.

- Amanda