Using S125 *3T D* with Micro Maestro 6-chan

I know Poloku do not stock the GWS S125 3T D (this is the digital 3 turn version). To quote the GWS website this model has “resolution in 12+ bits or 4096+ steps.”

I was intending on using it with the Micro Maestro 6-channel but noticed it has a pulse range of 64-3280 μs compared to 64-4080 μs for 12 to 24 channel Mini Maestros. Does the pulse rate have anything to do with the ‘4096+’ steps of the above servo? Or it should work fine on any of these controllers? I am probably confusing the specifications.

Also I intend to use the 3T servo to operate the zoom & focus rings on a DSLR lens. Ideally I would like to use a 2 turn servo with 5kg + torque (my macro focus has 270° throw and I want to use a gear ratio of 2.4:1). GWS has a 1T & 2.5T. Does anyone know if any manufacturers are producing a 2 turn servo I might find on ebay or online? I haven’t managed to find one yet.

BTW anyone tried to machine the GWS S125 winch drum on a lathe? It’s nylon I guess? I need to mount a 60 tooth spur gear on it.




In general, servos like those respond to pulse widths between 0.5ms and 2.5ms. The Maestros have a much larger range than that (0.064ms to 3.28ms) and have a 0.25us resolution, so control of those servos should not be limited by the Maestro.

You might consider using the GWS 1T sail winch servo:

In our experience, sending a wider range of control pulses allows the 1T to rotate 2-3 full turns. However, as it says in the note on its product page: