Using: Pololu USB Software Development Kit


I have been trying to use the Pololu USB Software Development Kit (pololu-usb-sdk).

I try to run it in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.
After following the README file step by step, in the section: == Compiling Maestro C# code in Windows ==, I get an error.

Once it asks me to press F5 to debug the code, here is the error that I get:

Could you please tell me how to solve this.

Thank you!


I am sorry you are having trouble using MaestroEasyExample from the Pololu USB SDK on Windows with Visual Studio 2013.

For anyone searching for this same error, the text of the error is:

[quote]Error while trying to run project: Unable to start program ‘C:\Users\Kraeger1\Desktop\Maestro\pololu-usb-sdk\Maestro\MaestroEasyExample\bin\Debug\MaestroEasyExample.exe’.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Remote Debugging Monitor (MSVSMON.EXE) does not appear to be running on the remote computer. This may be because a firewall is preventing communication to the remote computer. Please see Help for assistance on configuring remote debugging.[/quote]

It sounds like you might be trying to build and/or run the example code on a remote computer (i.e. a different computer than the one where Visual Studio is running). This is an advanced feature of Visual Studio that I am not familiar with, so I do not have any advice on how to make it work. I suggest that you disable remote debugging and try to build and debug on your local machine. Also, you could try to locate the executable mentioned in the error message (MaestroEasyExample.exe) and run it by double-clicking on it.