Using Maestro and a IR sensor to follow IR source

OK so I want to have a servo with a geAR TRAIN follow an IR led using a IR sensor , if the led move = follow led source , simple right ??? ( left and right is fine , I dont need up/down right now )

Ok I need suggestions on how to do this !

  1. I have a mini Maestro and the servo motors with a gear train that will move lt/rt
  2. I have the maestro software and can set it up fairly well including some scripts
  3. need an IR sensor from Pololu to detect the LED
  4. Need IR led with battery to act as the target.
  5. need script or ?? to tell the servo controller to move lt/rt and follow the IR LED source

THanks for any input , If I missed anything please ask


It is difficult to suggest how to build your project, since there are probably many different ways you can approach it.

For your IR detection system, you could use the Vishay TSSP58038 IR Detector Module, 38kHz along with our high-brightness 38kHz IR proximity sensor module. Alternatively, you could use our IR Beacon Transceiver Pair, which contains both IR emitters (transmitter) and IR detectors (receivers), allowing each beacon to locate each other.

We do not have any example scripts for the Maestro that move a servo based on values read from an IR sensor. You probably will have to write the code yourself. However, you might find it useful to look at this blog post, which was written by one of our engineers, on tracking movement using a Sharp Distance Sensor, a Maestro, and a servo.

- Amanda

Thanks , I think I can tweek that script to work with analog IR sensors ? I will order both to compare them
this is what I was looking for ( I think >? ) :mrgreen:

The Sharp distance sensors used in that project are analog, and the script compares the analog readings from the two sensors. The IR sensor products I recommended to you (in my previous post) are digital, so you will probably have to do more than just making slight modifications to that script.

- Amanda