Using Maestro 12 output as digital output


Is it possible to use Maestro 12 output as digital output? I want to use it to turn on/off a power source that is equipped with logic remote trigger that requires a logical input (minimum 1V with 0.5mA for high and max of 0.4V as low).

I plan to do something like this and i dont know if its possible.

I have a AC/DC voltage converter to provide power for my servos i use with M12, that AC/DC converter have a special logical input to turn it on/off (0-0.4V low state, 1v+ high state). I want it to be turned on and off with Maestro12 signal which will be controlled with GUI application.
So in result when i plug in maestro12 board to USB, its powered up BUT the servos are not powered yet (they use AC/DC converter), only when i launch GUI application and there i enable an output on M12 board the AC\DC converter is turned on and servos are ready to work.

Is something like this possible?


In general, you should be able to use a channel of the Maestro as a digital output to control an enable pin. You can find more information about configuring the Maestro’s channels in the “Channel Settings” section of the Maestro user’s guide. However, the low level output signal from the Maestro is only guaranteed to be 0.6V or less, so if your regulator really needs a signal lower than 0.4V to turn off, it might not work reliably.


Thank you for answer,
Is there any datasheet where i can find more detailed electrical characteristics (such as one you mentioned about low state signal being <0.6v ) of Maestro12 controller?
The ones in “specs” at product page are very vague and i couldnt find anything more in resources or in user guide.

That limit comes from the microcontroller used on the Maestro. The microcontroller is a PIC18F4550, and you can find more specifications like that in its datasheet.

- Grant