Using limit switches to control continuous rotation servos

I am designing a cuckoo clock with 12 servos. I am using a Mini Maestro 24.
I created a scrip that will use 32 frames and a single sequence.
I am using two continuous rotation servos that will raise and lower weights. I understand that I could control the position of the weights by setting the speed of the servos and the duration of their operation, but over time this is sure to loose accuracy. A better way would be to provide some feedback from the servos like a mult-turn resistor or limit switches at each end of the travel. Its a bit of work to build the limit switches into the system, but it seems best. The question them is: Is it practical to try and write code that would control the servos with limit switches?

Thanks in advance for your assistance


Hello, Fred.

We have an example for adding switches (like a limit switch) to a Maestro. You can learn more about how to make that kind of physical connection under the “Attaching Servos and Peripherals” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide, and you can find example code to respond to a switch under the “Example Scripts” section of the guide. You can find the Maestro user’s guide under the “Resources” tab of the Maestro’s product page. Your plan to control the position of the continuous rotation servos with limit switches seems fine. So, if those instructions seem doable to you, then it seems practical to try and write a script for that.


Thank you Jon