Using GWS S125 with pan-tilt hardware

I’m hoping to use the GWS S125 with a simple pan-tilt hardware kit ( … ervos.aspx). The GWS S125 will be the bottom (pan) servo and a standard servo will be the tilt servo. Unfortunately, the large plastic sail winch disk does not fit with the bracket for the pan servo. Also, the servo hardware from a standard servo such as a Hitec HS-311 does not fit on the GWS S125. Is there any other hardware for the GWS S125 besides the sail winch disk that comes with it? Something like the standard servo arm or disk? I expected that the GWS S125 was a standard size servo, but apparently it is not. (I’m planning to build 35 of these pan-tilt systems for a class.) Thanks.

Hello, lance.

Unfortunately, we do not carry any hardware or servo horns that are compatible with the spline on the GWS S125 servo. However, the horns that come with the GWS mini L servo will also fit on the GWS S125 servo, and you might check GWS directly to see if they carry any horns separately. We do not know of any other compatible servo horns, but from testing, we do know that Futaba, PowerHD, and most other GWS servo horns are not compatible with the sail winch’s spline.

Other solutions I have heard of customers trying are using a Dremel tool to modify the included horn or using the included horn as a base for a custom mold (which might be the best option if you need 35). One customer told me he had great success making a custom horn for his sail winch servo using Smooth-On products, but we do not have any experience trying this ourselves.