Using a TReX at 18V or 24V

I am using two TReXs powering two motors each. I’ve been operating them on 12-16V, but I’ve been considering going to 18 or 24V, which is what the motors are rated for. A TReX is only rated for 16V. What problems can I expect if I try to go to 18/24V? I will still be well within the current limit, the stall current for the motors is ~10A@24V.


The 16V limit comes from the VNH2SP30 motor drivers (the datasheet for the driver is listed under the resources tab of the TReX product page). While these motor drivers can withstand transients of up to 40V, they are designed to operate from 5.5 to 16V. The datasheet indicates that overvoltage shutdown typically kicks in at 19V, but it can happen at voltages as low as 16V. We plan on making higher power versions of the TReX that would suit applications like yours, but they probably won’t be available until Q2 of this year.

- Ben