Use TTL Mini Maestro 24-Channel (Resolved)

Hi ,I’m new :smiley:
I’m try to control my Maestro 24 trough USB 2.0 TTL RS232 a 5 pin (chipset) CP2102.
I’m using Pololu Serial transmitter v 1.3.

about connection :
I have connect Gnd CP2102 to Gnd
In Sent/Received data there is only send message , it’s look like it doesn’t work. :frowning:
Direct USB connection trought “Pololu Maestro USB Servo” it’s work
It is possible that my Maestro TTL serial port is broken?

Hello, Simone.

I am sorry you are having problems communicating with your Maestro over serial. From your description, it is hard to tell if the TTL serial port is damaged. Could you tell me more about your setup? What commands are you sending to the Maestro? How is the Maestro powered? Do you have anything else connected to it? Could you post pictures of your setup?

- Jeremy

It was my fault
i did not change the default serial mode setting in UART mode,
that it should be trough using “Maestro Control Center” .
now it works like charm.



I’m glad you figured it out and got it working.

- Jeremy