UsbWrapper.dll for .Net Framework 4

Hi. I download Pololu USB Software Development Kit and tries to use it in my application. But i have a problem - the libs Bytecode.dll and UsbWrapper.dll are linked for .Net Framework 3.5, but im using v4. I cant change my version of framework, but maybe you would share new build of this libraries for .Net v4?

Hello, Sellec.

It should be possible to reference those assemblies from your .NET 4 project, even though they were built for .NET 3.5. This page about troubleshooting .NET Framework targeting errors from Microsoft says “You can create applications that reference projects or assemblies that target different versions of the .NET Framework.”. Do you get an error message when you try to do this?


I can add a references to this libs, visual studio allows it. But when i write this code

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Pololu.Usc.Usc device = connectToDevice();
            device.setTarget(0, (ushort)trackBar4.Value);

        private Pololu.Usc.Usc connectToDevice()
            // Get a list of all connected devices of this type.
            List<Pololu.UsbWrapper.DeviceListItem> connectedDevices = Pololu.Usc.Usc.getConnectedDevices();

            foreach (Pololu.UsbWrapper.DeviceListItem dli in connectedDevices)
                // If you have multiple devices connected and want to select a particular
                // device by serial number, you could simply add a line like this:
                //   if (dli.serialNumber != "00012345"){ continue; }

                Pololu.Usc.Usc device = new Pololu.Usc.Usc(dli); // Connect to the device.
                return device;             // Return the device.
            return null;

and click on button1, i see no debugging in function button1_Click (but i have two debug breakpoints inside it).
looks like .net CLR v4 steps over this function, becouse it contains links to code from old library