USB3 Versions?

The USB3 port will allow for substantially more current draw than USB2, and I would love to see some products that use USB3 for both power and control. Any chance that will be something we could see from Pololu in the near future? Sign me up for testing/beta/reviewing, please? :slight_smile:

Hello. Thank you for the idea. The USB 3.0 specification allows devices to draw up to 900 mA (up from 500 mA in USB 2.0). We generally recommend having 1 A per servo. Would it be interesting to you to have a servo controller that is entirely powered from USB but can only have one servo enabled at a time?


Yes, that would be useful to me. Not sure about the rest of the world. My application is for education and demonstration for kids, so making it easier for them to use is my priority. Same idea would be useful for the Jrk controller, even if it was crippled down to 900mA.

Thanks for considering it! I love your products, they’re a joy to use.