USB to serial (serial servo 8 controller)

Hey, I already searched the forums but couldn’t find any information. I bought a usb to serial convertor and connected it to my servo controller. The controller is flashing red (I assume bad serial input) do you know if there is anything I can do to get it to work over the converter cable?


There probably is something you can do. Step one is to give us more information about what you tried. Have you tried our serial transmitter utility?

- Jan

I have the same problem. I have set the serial interface to 9600 and 2400 bauds with 8bit-NoParity-OneStopBit , and set the pololu serial transmitter software to same, with the same result. I have tried the Mini SSCII mode with a start byte of 0xFF and Pololu mode with a start byte of 0x80, with the same results. It powers up with yellow light on steady, and when I transmit data, the indicator lights change to steady red with flashing green meaning baud rate is too high.

Ok, I tried using a computer with a built-in serial port and it works ok. Something must be incompatible with the usb to rs232 interface. Hope this helps someone.

It would be interesting to see what is coming out of that USB adapter that didn’t work. Do you have access to an oscilloscope? Does the adapter work with other applications?

- Jan

This sounds all too familiar. It will work with some. I’ve gone through the same thing, tried about 20 different one. We ended up writing a new driver for the one with prolific chipsets and now it works like a charm.
What O/S and adapter do you have?

Any chance we could get those drivers you wrote for prolific USB-serial?