USB Slave?

Hi - I’m working on a project with an EPIA MI10000 motherboard as the main robot controller, and I’m looking to specify digital IO, 2 x servo, and 2 x DC motor controllers and interfaces. The Orangutan X2 with VHN3 looks like a good way of doing this. I have this question though, to save me getting into all the documentation, can it be easily configured to act as a slave of the main CPU board, via the USB connection?


I don’t know if it’s easy, but you could use the Orangutan X2 as an interface between your main computer and the world. It’s not so much a matter of “configuring” the X2 that way; you’ll have to come up with some communication protocol, and you’ll have to implement both the X2 side and your main CPU side. However, it’s just a serial connection, so the X2 won’t be a slave in the sense that your main unit can force it do something (e.g. reset).

- Jan