USB Power Stopped Working on 6 Channel Maestro Servo Controller

Hi, I’m using the 6 channel Maestro servo controller with USB power for the processor, and a 6V battery for servo power. This setup was working for a while, but somehow the USB connection failed during use. My computer no longer recognizes the controller with the USB plugged in alone, but if I power the processor through the VIN connection, then the USB connection starts working again. I think there is an issue with getting power to the processor through the USB, but I’m not sure how to fix it.

Here are some pictures showing what the LED lights are doing:

I should also mention that I’m trying to get USB power from my raspberry Pi 3, and that when I plug the Maestro into the Pi, none of the LEDs light up. The Pi is connected to a 2.4A 5V battery.


I am sorry your Maestro is having trouble getting recognized by your computer normally. Can you use a multimeter to measure the voltage at the +5V(out) pin when your Maestro is plugged in to your computer over USB? What is this voltage when the Maestro is plugged into your RPi over USB?

Also, it might be that the USB cable was inadvertently bent and broke in a way that doesn’t allow it to power devices. Have you tried using a different USB data cable?