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USB AVR Programmer with SLO-scope


I asked via an email a while back about the possibility of getting a higher sampling frequency when only sampling digital data. I was told "it looks like it is possible to make a new SLO-scope mode with one-channel digital readings at 200 kHz, and a mode with two-channel digital readings at 100 kHz."
Is there any chance this will be implemented in the near (or far) future? It would be a great upgrade.



I don’t think it’s very likely any time soon. There’s almost no space on the microcontroller, so making changes is difficult, plus we would rather put our development efforts toward fundamentally different and better products. I understand that the 100 kHz readings would be useful to you, but it’s quite a low performance bar, and with newer microcontrollers, we should be able to do 1MHz analog sampling and maybe even faster digital sampling without much more work, and that would likely be fast enough for a much larger set of troubleshooting cases.

- Jan


Makes sense, why slightly improve an old product when you can make a new one so much better.

Do I smell a new product comming? It might be nice to have another option for this kind of data monitoring. You make great value products compared to some other ones out there with all the fancy cases and packaging. This kind of thing might be nice to see.


There’s always new stuff in the works, but there’s nothing specific in the works for an improved SLO-scope. Cases are really expensive, especially in the quantities we work with. It’s also about as much work for us to make a case as to make a new bracket or wheel, and we’d rather put our design efforts into the more crucial functional parts.

- Jan


And that’s just one of the things that make your products so good for your customers. You don’t waste time and money on cases when most people that use your products don’t want them anyway. I normally use mutiple products in a project, as I expect most would, so any casing would be custom anyway.
Keep up the cost saving and time spent on new product development in my opinion, can’t wait to see what you come up with next.