USB 16 Servo Controller C++ x86

I am new to Pololu. Have been using the Pololu 16-Servo USB Controller for about 3 days.
In Pololu mode, I could not make the servos move. No matter what command I send I see the green light on the controller flashing and that’s about it. My HiTec servo (HS 475-HB) is not moving at all. Checked the code bytes being sent over the serial port and they are all appropriate.

I tried with the Mini SSC II mode. It works first time when I power the controller (pull USB and reconnect). After that the servo is not moving to a new position request. Any clues as to why this is happening?

I am running this on an IBM laptop T-41 (x86 processor) and XP. Does anyone out there have any luck and have a working program/executable to share with me?


I have a similar setup right now with a Pololu USB to serial adapter connected to a micro serial servo controller.

For a starting point in visual basic, you can download a sample project from GPSBots:

Or for a quick functionality test just get the executable from:

This program should run the first eight of your servos, using the Pololu mode absolute position command. In my experience, even though the program has a little box to enter your com port number, it really only works over com1. If your servo controller isn’t installed as com1, you can change its port number from its advanced properties menu (from the device manager).

How exactly are you sending commands to the servo controller now, and how did you check the code bytes being sent? If you want to post your source code and we’ll have a look.

But perhaps most importantly, what are you planning on doing with 16 servos???