Usb 16 servo controller and Mac OSX

Hi people,

I just got my usb-16 servo controller, and I installed on my McBookPro the CP2102 drivers for Mac OSX you provide on the site.

I must admit I’m new to port programming… so, to begin, once this driver is installed, the usb-16sc should appear as a serial port? Listing the devices, I see both /dev/tty.Pololu and /dev/cu.Pololu. On which one should I send the data ?

It would be amazing for me to have a basic sample code working on MacOSX :slight_smile: … or is it possible to use the codes written for a Linux system ?

Thanks a lot for any help,


In general we don’t know much about the Mac, but C-based code for the serial port should be pretty much identical to that under Linux. If you are comfortable with some scripting language like perl or python, I’d start with that, since you’ll know what you are doing and it should work fine under OSX. Otherwise, grab a copy of the code from our Linux-based tutorial. If you can install Tk and an X server on OSX, you’ll probably be able to compile that code as is. Otherwise, you’ll want to take out the Tk-specific stuff and just use the core serial port functions.

As for whether to use /dev/tty or /dev/cu, I have no idea. My impression is that the cu device is used for modem-related stuff, so probably you should start with the tty device. Under linux, the device is called /dev/ttyUSB0.

I should also say that even if you are going to use another language, the same basic commands for accessing the serial port should be available, so you can use the C code as a reference.

Please let us know if you get this working or if you have more questions!

hi Paul,

thanks for your reply. For the moment I’m testing my new ssc16 on a Debian, I’ll go back to OSX after that.