USB 16 Linux


i have some trouble to start my USB 16 on Linux and PHP.

First i plug in the servo power,
then I connect the USB 16 with PC:

dmesg anwser:

In next step I try to send some Test-Data:

The “serial activity LED” is flashing, but
the Servo don’t do anything.

I operate the USB 16 in Mini SSC II Mode.

I you can help me.



Have you applied servo power? If so, what are you using?

- Jan

I use a battery pack (4x AA).

After sending Data to the USB 16 the red LED is constant on and the green is flashing.

Red LED on with green flashing means that the controller thinks the serial rate is too fast. Your original post doesn’t show anything about how you’re setting the baud rate. What do you have it set to? Have you tried different speeds?

- Jan

Hi Jan,

thanks your fast answer. Yes i forgot the baud rate setting. I’ve never worked with PHP and Ports before. If you or somebody have one Testscript i would be pleased to get it.

Tomorrow i will test the PHP IO Functions: