Uploading a Script from the Maestro Controller

My computer crashed and with it I lost the script I have loaded in the Maestro Controller. How do I get the script out of the Maestro controller. I want to reuse it for a new project on a larger Maestro.


Ken Harstine
Holyoke, MA

Hello, Ken.

Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve the script from a Maestro. If you want to safeguard your scripts in the future, you can save the Maestro settings file. You can save the setting file by selecting “Save settings file…” under the “File” menu of the Pololu Maestro Control Center software. Those setting can be re-loaded using the “Open settings file…” in the same “File” menu.


Where is the script stored if it has not been saved? It clearly comes back as soon as the device is connected to the Maestro that programmed it.

It is possible that I might have an earlier version of the code on another computer.

The Maestro Control Center software does save the last script and other settings for the Maestro in the system registry. You should be able to see the last script saved to that Maestro from your other computer in the “Script” tab of the Maestro Control Center software when you connect the Maestro to it. You will see a warning message “Pololu Maestro Control Center Script source code missing”, that indicates that the script on the Maestro is different from the last script loaded on the Maestro from this computer. You can then click “OK” and proceed to the “Script” tab to see that older script. The script on the Maestro will not be over-written until you click the “Apply Settings” button in the Maestro Control Center.