Updated library for qik2s9v1 & Arduino 1.0

With Arduino 1.0 there are breaking changes to the CompactQik2s9v1 library. I’ve made the fixes myself (they’re not extensive) but I’m developing something for publication and I need to know the plans and ETA for making either a separate 1.0-compliant version, or a cross-compliant version.

As I recall, changes needed are:

  • Change dependence from NewSoftSerial to SoftwareSerial

  • Change reference from WProgram.h to Arduino.h

  • Change any Serial.print methods that use BYTE as a qualifier to Serial.write (and no qualifier)

– Gordon

Hello, Gordon.

I would like to make an updated version of the library available sometime this week; it will probably only work with Arduino 1.0 (with the current version still available for use with pre-1.0). Thanks for describing the changes you had to make.

- Kevin