Understanding "Pololu Mode"

Im using your 8 servo controller on my robotic project right now, and i cant seem to grasp how Pololu Mode works. Im using a BS2 with modified servos. I found a snippet of code on here for the BS2, but i dont understand it. Here’s the code.
SEROUT 15, 32, [$80,1,4,0,0,0]
Now, that makes servo 0, move clockwise a fast rate. Could you please elaborate on that bit of code for me? I dont know what the 1,4,0,0,0 does.


You can take a look at our USB servo controller instructions, which have an example for a BS2.

Basically, the $80 and 1 are always sent to the servo controller. The 4 is the command number (4 is aboslute position control), the first 0 is the servo number to which the command applies, and the next two 0s are the position. In this case, your example is trying to send servo 0 to absolute position 0, which is invalid since the absolute position range is 500-5500.

- Jan