Unable to use RC Speed mode with TIC T500 1.04

I set up my TIC T500 to work with my KH56Q stepper and was able to get it work work as expected with USB control mode and RC Position mode. However when I attempted to use RC Speed mode, all I observed is a single step on initiating the settings and no movement as a changed the RC signal input. I tried this with two different TIC T500 boards with identical results.

Any advice?

  • Jay

Hello, Jay.

Is the board indicating any errors (e.g. is the red LED lit or is the count increasing for any of the errors listed in the “Status” tab of the Tic Control Center)? Could you post a copy of your Tic settings file with the settings configured for RC speed control? You can save your settings file by selecting the “Save settings file…” option in the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center. Also, can you post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections?