Ultrasonic and Maestro

Newbie here. I have enjoyed using the Maestro to control servos, but now I wish to hook up a maxbotix ultrasonic range finder. Has anyone figured this out? Do I hook it up like a switch (with a drop down resistor) and set the software to view it as a sensor? How do I tell it when to ping and when to sense? Any help would be appreciated.


I have not actually tried this, but you should be able to connect the analog voltage output directly to a Maestro channel configured as an analog input. Power the sensor with connections to +5V and GND; no resistors are necessary.


Does it work now ?
How do you connect it with the maestro and how you read it out ?

I was hoping that someone had already tried this. I am fearful of frying anything, but if I get brave this weekend, I’ll post my results.