i am trying to build a 2-D (X,Y) camera PAN-TILT base…
the camera is about 3 LB… wondering if any product Pololu has that
can do that ???(already assembled)…
If not, can someone suggest the SERVO motor and the controller that can
be used for building one like this (i supposed two motors for X and Y axis)

Low power is key, dont want to have to supply huge amount of power to power this
Thanks a lot

How do you want to control your pan-tilt head? Joystick, microcontroller, computer?

We don’t sell a complete pan-tilt head product, but some of our customers recently worked on building pan-tilt heads using Jrk USB Motor Controllers with Feedback. You would need two Jrks and two motors with feedback of some sort (either position or speed, either analog of digital frequency). You can read about those projects in these two threads and contact those people:

Alternatively, you could get two servos and control them with a servo controller.


ServoCity makes a nice compact direct-drive servo pan/tilt system (here) that I’ve used for a couple of projects and been quite happy with. It’s rated up to two lbs, but you can probably get more out of it with some of the ultra-high-torque HSR servos.

They also carry heavier-duty rigs, but they’re bigger and more expensive, also slower since the servos are externally down-geared.