Trouble sending commands to Maestro in Linux with vpterminal

I’m working with a servo controller Micro Maestro 6-channel and I can not send commands over the serial port.
I’m using vpterminal (linux) and i can’t send commands that i saw the Maestro Pololu Servo Controller User’s Guide for example:

"… For example, if channel 2 is configured as a servant and you want to set ITS target to 1500 ms (1500 × 6000 = 4 = 01011101110000 in binary), You Could Send The Following byte sequence:
in binary: 10000100, 00000010, 01110000, 00101110
in hex: 0x84, 0x02, 0x70, 0x2E
in decimal: 132, 2 112, 46
… "
I just typed in terminal 132, 2, 112, 46 and nothing.
I can work using the master control center and is all ok, but in the terminal i do nothing.
can help me??

Hello, Carlos.

If you just type in “132, 2, 112, 46” your terminal program will most likely encode that string as ASCII and send it as 15 bytes. That is NOT what you want. You want to send 4 arbitrary bytes. It looks like vpterminal supports sending arbitrary bytes if you use the $ prefix followed by two hex digits, so try typing $84$02$70$2E.

Also you should make sure that your Maestro is configured in the “USB Dual Port” serial mode. You should try /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1, and any other /dev/ttyACM* ports that are available.

Also I changed your subject from “SEND COMMANDS” to something more appropriate.


thanks David