Trouble installing the USB 16-Servo Controller

Hi all

I’m having trouble installing the USB 16 Servo Controller. I’ve been following the guide on the installation process (I’m using Windows XP). Steps 1-6 are all fine. But at step 7 (taken from

  1. Connect the Pololu device to your computer’s USB port. Your computer will detect the new hardware and open the “Found New Hardware Wizard”.

I get a “USB Device Not Recognized”, and if i check the status of the Unknown USB Device, the status is something like " the device has no drivers installed".

Can someone please help me out and tell me what the problem is?

Best regards


I’ve got it working now, changed the USB cable and it worked. Funny thing is, i’m pretty sure both USB cables I’ve tried are working (use them for my USB drive). But the servo controller only likes one of them. Anyway, i’m not complianing. Thank you all for your time.