Triggering the Maestro question

I am using this board: and it has a trigger-out signal (5V level) that can be used to control other props. The problem I am having is that the Maestro thinks that the signal on a button input goes low when a button is pressed, but the AP2 gives you a high signal when the audio track is playing.

Question is can I solve this with a different wiring setup or do I have to solve this in the Maestro script with a button input to be “released” rather than pressed.


Hello, Luke.

The Maestro doesn’t inherently associate a button press with a logic low voltage. Our wiring example suggests wiring a button with a pull-up so that it’s normally high and goes low when pressed, and the subroutine in the corresponding example script is written to return 1 if the voltage is low, as you can see in the first 10 lines of the script under “Using a button or switch to control servos”. If you want to detect a low voltage going high, you can just invert this logic so that the subroutine returns 1 if the voltage is high:

# returns 1 if channel 0 is high, 0 otherwise
sub trigger
  0 get_position 500 greater_than

- Kevin

D’oh of course. Thanks.